Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are held at All Saints’ Episcopal at 106 W. Church St. in Frederick, MD. ASE parishioners should contact me directly to register.

Release the Jaw: The Core Connection


Dysfunctional alignment of the head and pelvis in walking, standing and sitting can strain the jaw unnecessarily, while chronic jaw tension makes free movement of the spine and pelvis impossible. Moreover, the stress response of clenching the jaw and tightening core muscles can become chronic. In this Feldenkrais® workshop, we will use tiny, gentle movement and visualization to experience freedom from head to toe. (Please note that if you are not able to lie comfortably on a mat on your back and sides, private sessions will be more appropriate for you.) Refreshments will be provided. Sat. Feb 23, 10am- 12:30 pm. Tuition $45. Refund policy: 14+ days out 100%, 7-13 days 50%, less than a week no refund.

"Today's program was a special blessing for its benefit at the time and for the exercises to take home in addition to the reference material. I'd mentioned the great signage and the delicious gluten free snack bars and the wonderful acoustics in the Parish Hall. Your gentle manner and seemingly casual encouragement are most refreshing in a world that shouts directives. Feldenkrais is always of benefit to me (immediate and ongoing) and your teaching style and gracious manner make it especially easy to receive." —Pat Beach

Refund Policy: 14+ days before workshop 100%, 7-13 days out 50%, less than 7 days no refund.