Functional Integration® will benefit you if:

  • you are recovering from an injury

  • you hope to delay or entirely avoid a procedure that is not absolutely medically necessary

  • you’ve tried many other healing modalities but found little or no relief

  • you want to get “unstuck” from thought and emotional patterns that find support in your musculature

  • you want to improve your self-esteem, confidence and posture

  • you are committed to fully realizing your potential

What are Functional Integration® sessions like?

I use gentle touch to help you sense habitual muscular contractions and patterns of movement that may be causing pain. Gradually, I guide you into movements that clients often describe as pleasurable and relieving. Usually at the end I will help you apply what you have learned to a practical function or skill, so that you can take the work into your life. At the end of a session, people typically feel that they are more grounded, yet have a feeling of lightness and freedom. (See this NY Times article: Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain)

What if I don’t like to be touched?

You are entitled to feel comfortable and safe, and some clients prefer not to be touched. Fortunately, I am skilled at guiding clients without touch, by using words and imagery that improve movement, breathing, and mood. Our focus will be on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Together we will acknowledge the need that you once had for protecting yourself, how those holding patterns may be limiting you and causing you pain now, and exploring other options for the present. With new possibilities and an expanded sense of self, you will experience a heightened sense of self-determination, self-esteem and potency.

How long are sessions and how many will I need?

That depends, but after the initial consultation (75 minutes) most clients begin with a series of at least 10 sessions, and each session is approximately an hour. The single session rate is $125. However, learning happens most rapidly and effectively when one is immersed in the process. A 10-session package for $1000 is available for those who have completed the initial consultation and are serious about coming at least weekly.


Just call (301) 401-3213 or send me a note.

A sense of curiosity and a search for relief from back and foot pain led me to begin participating in Feldenkrais sessions led by Hannah Vo-Dinh. I have been taking group classes two times a week for several years and a few months ago I begin to receive private sessions from Hannah. My understanding of Feldenkrais is this: After intially becoming aware of our bodies, participants are guided to make very small muscle movements. The goal, over time, is to enable the different parts of the body to work together in an integrated way, as opposed to having one part of the body resisting what another body part is doing. This peaceful, gentle practice has done wonders for my physical and inner well being.
— Linda M.
Copyright 2017 Yulia Kriskovets

Copyright 2017 Yulia Kriskovets

I’ve found Hannah to be an incredibly skilled and intuitive healer. After one private session I experienced a dramatic improvement in my sense of well-being and movement, particularly in my shoulder, which has had limited range of motion for over a year. Additional private sessions are leading to better awareness of how I move. I can feel more fluid and comfortable patterns developing, and much more mobility in other joints. The private sessions focus on personal issues and goals and are making the classes more effective.
— Beth W.
A private session is a wonder. I feel a shift in my body after I leave the session. I am lighter, clearer and definitely straighter. It’s retraining my body and it keeps changing. I love this stuff.
— Anne G.
Working with Hannah 1:1 to improve my multiple sclerosis has been wonderful. My weekly Feldenkrais sessions have been instrumental in retraining my nervous system. I’ve improved my range of motion, strength, mobility, and balance while becoming more in tune with my movement patterns. It’s been a great addition to my wellness regimen.
— Linda P.
I have have had increasing shoulder pain for many years. I am a violinist and the pain was becoming so strong that I began to consider giving up playing. I also garden but the pain in my shoulder and left arm was taking away that pleasure as well. I went to one private Feldenkrais session with Hannah Vo-Dinh. When I left the pain was gone and it has not returned. I highly recommend anyone with shoulder pain give this a try. To me, it seemed nothing short of miraculous.
— Marian P.

Where and when are private sessions held?

MindBody Sense is conveniently located in Ambers Professional Center at 176 Thomas Johnson Drive,  Suite 105 (rear of building, lower level).  Hours are by appointment Tuesday to Friday, with some Saturdays available by request.