Note: Class Canceled 9/20 for #Climate Strike

Every Tues &  Fri 12 - 1 pm at All Saints' Episcopal in the Parish Hall (106 W. Church St. / Frederick, MD).  Beginners welcome but let me know you're coming!  Mostly mat classes with the occasional chair class.  Mats are available on-site at All Saints' Episcopal for you to use, or bring your own.   Wear warm layers. Work attire is fine as long as it is stretchy or loose. Pay by cash/check in person or with a credit card online.   Fee:  Your options are to drop-in for $20 or purchase an 8-Class Pass for $120 (credit card online, cash or check in-person). Pass is valid for 90 days from purchase and you can come to any of the All Saint's Episcopal classes that suit you.

Wednesdays 10 - 11:30 am from Sep 25 - Nov 13: Improve Your Balance with the Feldenkrais Method® Frederick Community College - Institute for Learning in Retirement, Frederick, MD.  Courses at ILR are geared towards ages 55+ but younger students may enroll.  Mat class.  Registration opens Aug. 5.

Wednesdays 6 - 7:30 pm from Sep 25 - Nov 13: Improve Your Gait with the Feldenkrais Method®. Frederick Community College - Institute for Learning in Retirement, Frederick, MD.  Courses at ILR are geared towards ages 55+ but younger students may enroll.  Mat class. Registration opens Aug. 5.


 Follow this link to view upcoming workshops.

Who takes classes?

Everyone can benefit from Feldenkrais® because it emphasizes learning and improvement rather than conformity to an ideal or goal.   There is no competition between students.  However, if you are not comfortable lying on a mat then please consider private sessions.

Retirees:   Stiffness, imbalance and stooped posture are not the inevitable consequences of aging, but rather dysfunctional movement habits. Spontaneous improvement occurs as you re-visit early movement patterns that you did as an infant and young child.

Health care providers:  Gain new perspectives on your patients' challenges and potential, all while supporting your own health and well-being. 

Athletes and Dancers:  Discover easy, graceful and pleasurable ways to take your work and passion to the next level.   Prevent injuries by improving coordination and awareness.

Performing Artists:  Enhance your sensitivity, expression and creativity through subtle movement and solving the movement puzzles of Feldenkrais.   Recognize the productivity gained by improving focus and honoring the need for frequent but brief rest.

Classes not your thing?

If you have an issue that concerns you and would like more rapid improvement, please consider private sessions that are tailored for your needs, abilities and goals.


Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Classes

Fortunately, there is an outstanding teacher of the Feldenkrais Method in our midst - Hannah Vo-Dinh. Hannah guides us through movements and visualizations that lead relatively quickly to a better state of well-being and an increase in emotional wellness. She provides an oasis in which we can relax and get in touch with ourselves. Her voice is soothing and we enter into another place where we have permission to just be ourselves and to heal. The results are almost too good to be true.
— Mark S. Gesell, Ph. D. (Gerontology)
I’ve been attending for several months, and found that it has complemented my work with my personal trainer, and has allowed me to achieve the next level in my fitness. I’ve also found that the class has given my mind more clarity, improved my energy levels, and provided a better state of well-being. Hannah is an excellent teacher, is precise and graceful in her instruction to guide you through the movements, and creates a very relaxing and soothing environment in a class structure. It’s one of my favorite lunch-time breaks that I look forward to every week.
— Annette
Thank you for letting me attend class today.  I am very impressed with your teaching techniques.  As a physician radiologist plus a yoga practitioner for about 20 years, I have to say the Feldenkrais is the most relaxing technique of all.  I got the best sleep last night.  Thank you!!
— Fang-Yun Gan, M.D.